Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Frosty Mornings

I love frosty mornings, frost makes the simplest things look so beautiful with it's gentle white coverings. 

These are a couple of pictures from my garden.

I first took a picture of these Runner Beans back in July which can be seen here so you can see just how beautifully different the frost makes them look.

I then spied this cobweb, I like to use a flash when taking pictures of cobwebs as it really makes it stand out.

I had the usual problem of Badger Boo thinking the camera was all about him, as you can see he sneaked into this picture and completely knocked the focus out.

I then took a couple of pictures of him to keep him happy as he wanted something to update his blog with.

He is such a Diva but that's what we love so much about him.

I eventually got the picture I wanted and I love the result.

So remember Just Look and You Will See
That shot you want could only be three foot from your back door.


Thank you for stopping by, I love to hear what you think of my pictures.