Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Badger Boo's 'kerchief

I brought several magazines this week to see if I could find a simple pattern to knit. In one I found a lovely shawl/scarf in two colours and decided this project was for me.

Of course me being me, decided to do it in three colours, as red, blue and yellow are the R.E.M.E colours. Himself was in the R.E.M.E for 22 years so thought he appreciate my efforts.

I've never had to knit with two balls of wool, let alone three and I was getting into a terrible tangle!

I'd been at it for about two hours and was pleased with how the colours were working out, but getting very frustrated by this time, having to untangle the wool every few minutes. There is probably
an easier way to do it than I was doing, but I don't know about it!

So I decided to have a break and update Badgers facebook group, I was reading a comment from one of his good friends Finnegan who is a Service Dog in America, he has a very trendy and extensive wardrobe. 

The light bulb went on and I decided my shawl/scarf would make a wonderful 'kerchief for Badger Boo so I started to decrease and it was just the right size, I crocheted some string to attach it to his collar and it made him look very dashing. What do you think?

Badger Boo showing off his new 'kerchief
He now wears it daily and seems to enjoy it, it has now found it's spot on his neck and always sits on his back for all to see. So fa everybody who has seen it when we are out and about, and some people even recognise what the colours stand for, which I'm pleased about.

I don't normally dress Badger up, but as it's just a bit of fun I see no harm in it, and he always has a spring in his step when wearing it out.


  1. Can't believe I never said how handsome BB looks in his smart knitted neck wear x.

    1. You may well have missed the post as I shut this blog down for a few months as it wasn't really working as a craft blog, now it's all about pictures and seems to be working a lot better.

      I did import it into my main blog but started having problems with some of the pictures expiring, so put it back on here an opened blog again.

      He does look kinda cute in it lol

      D xxx


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